Retirement Blunders

Having a plan for your retirement savings and critically thinking about the various factors that relate to your savings are crucial steps to ensuring comfortable living upon retirement. US News & World Report recently listed 10 big retirement blunders and we believe they are definitely worth considering.

Blunder No. 1: Not having a plan for retirement money.

Blunder No. 2: Forgetting about inflation when making a plan.

Blunder No. 3: Failing to save enough money for retirement.

Blunder No. 4: Raiding retirement accounts early.

Blunder No. 5: Getting emotional about investments.

Blunder No. 6: Being too conservative in investments.

Blunder No. 7: Missing an employer’s 401(k) match.

Blunder No. 8: Letting all retirement money be taxable.

Blunder No. 9: Underestimating health care expenses.

Blunder No. 10: Filing for Social Security too early.

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As with any planning, it is always advised to seek the assistance of a qualified professional who can help you fully understand all of your options and the associated risks.