Life Care Planning Legal Service

Life Care Planning Legal Service in Long Island, NY

Life Care Planning legal services combine Asset Protection, Medicaid and Care Advocacy, and offer a holistic approach that helps families with every aspect of caring for someone with a chronic illness. We were the first Long Island elder law firm to integrate the Life Care Plan model into its practice, and have done so since 2009. In essence, Life Care Planning legal services help people find and pay for good long-term health care by bundling asset protection, Medicaid benefits qualification, long-term care services coordination, community and nursing home advocacy, and crisis intervention.

Life Care Planning: A Legal Service by Tully Law Group

At Tully Law Group, PC, Life Care Planning is provided both by our Long Island elder law legal professionals, led by Certified Elder Law Attorney Brian Andrew Tully, along with our Elder Care Coordinators.

A Life Care Plan includes:

  • Defining and selecting the best health care
  • Coordinating long-term health care
  • Advocating for the best health care
  • Paying for the long-term health care
  • Qualifying for Medicaid benefits
  • Preserving assets for clients and their families, usually through a trust
  • Comprehensive estate planning
  • Emotional support for elders as well as their families and caregivers
  • Care advocacy and crisis intervention

3 Principal Aspects of a Life Care Planning Legal Service 

Life Care Planning focuses on using all available resources to maximize clients’ quality of life. There are three principal aspects of a Life Care Plan:

  • We make sure that you or your loved one gets good health care, at home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. Your Life Care Plan is focused on you achieving your best quality of life, taking into account your health, safety, physical and emotional well-being.
  • We help you make decisions relating to your health care, special needs, and long-term care planning. We also partner with you to ensure that the decisions you make are carried out according to your wishes and best interests.
  • We help you develop a plan to pay for the best health care for you while protecting the most assets possible.

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We are your resource for experienced, supportive, knowledgeable, and objective legal advisors to help you receive the best health care, get the best quality of life and protect the most assets.



Who Benefits from Life Care Planning?

  • Any senior with a health condition that has the potential to impact their ability to care for themselves can benefit from Life Care Planning legal services.
  • Elderly individuals who are dealing with the effects of aging, chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or dementia, or disability due to accident or illness.
  • Caregivers also benefit from the support offered by a Long Island Elder Care Coordinator in finding and securing quality long-term health care and having a knowledgeable person to turn to when problems arise.

The Long Island elder law attorneys at Tully Law Group, P.C. can remove the burdens of planning, financing and obtaining proper long-term health care by utilizing the tenets of the Life Care Plan system, allowing family members to spend time with their loved ones. Conveniently located in Melville, the Life Care Planning lawyers at Tully Law Group, PC can help New York City, Nassau and Suffolk County residents develop a unique plan to meet your or your loved one’s needs.

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