My Elder Score

How prepared are you for the transitions associated with aging?

My Elder Score

That’s the question My is asking Americans.  This interactive tool is the only objective method to help seniors and caregivers determine and improve how prepared they are for the transitions associated with aging.  The site is contains the five major areas of aging: Health, Wellness, Financial, Legal and Spiritual.  Each section has grouped questions which are answered with a Yes, No or Unsure.

Once the questions are completed, you are able to email and print your ElderScore results as well as see which questions were answered with a ‘no’ or an ‘unsure’ and utilize the generated checklist to track which questions you are working on to improve.

Once you have reviewed your personalized results, you can compare your ElderScore to other seniors in your state and those nationwide with our interactive map. The more seniors that complete the test the more scores there are to compare with!

We will soon incorporate an Advisor referral program to help the seniors and caregivers obtain assistance in improving their score. The recommended Advisors will be prepared to help the senior or caregiver improve their ElderScore in each of the individual sections.

Once you successfully address a No or Unsure answer, you can log back in to and update your ElderScore. Each month, news and tips for seniors and caregivers will be offered to help you on your journey.

You will certainly find your or your loved one more prepared for the transitions associated with aging if you undertake these recommended steps to improve your ElderScore. Know Your Score! Go to

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