Why should I hire Tully Law Group, PC?

When searching for elder care assistance it is very important to locate the right help from the start. You and your loved ones deserve to get the right help the first time.

Over the years, we have unfortunately been hired by too many clients to help fix mistakes made by:

1. Inexperienced attorneys
2. Internet forms
3. Non-attorneys
4. Family just trying to do the best they can

It’s my hope that these simple reasons to engage us will be enough for you to pick up the phone and call us at (631) 424-2800 and let the experienced law and care team at Tully Law Group, PC. help you.

We are established.
Our law firm is dedicated to elder law and elder care issues.  Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Medicaid benefits have been the focus of what we do for over 23 years.

We are experienced.
Our elder law attorneys have been helping families for over 45 combined years.  Our clients appreciate the seasoned advice and proven strategies we provide which can’t be found with inexperienced or part-time elder law attorneys or even with non-attorney Medicaid companies.

We do more.
We handle all of the traditional elder law legal and financial aspects but also have full-time care advocates on staff to truly assist and guide the family through these uncharted waters. We take pride in holding the hands of our clients and their caregivers and are here to help coordinate, advocate and intervene if and when the crisis occurs.

We are devoted.
The mission of our firm is to honor and protect those entrusted to us for their elder care needs and our firm logo encapsulates this with a warm heart held within a protective shield.  We have helped over a thousand families and our client reviews and testimonials share a sampling of our caring and professional approach.

We are in it for the right reasons.
Our founder, Brian Andrew Tully, was one of the youngest certified elder law attorneys in the country when he qualified in 2003. His mission of serving elders and their caregivers springs from his youth and formative years of watching and helping his parents and aunts and uncles with all of his grandparents’ aging and care issues.  Brian became an attorney because of his lawyer Grandfather but truly became an elder care attorney because of his grandparents Tina and Pop Pop that he grew up with right next door.

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